Business Growth Strategies for an Online Business

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If you have a business that operates online, you understand that the dynamics are different than for a brick and mortar company.

Online companies and growth strategies for them are still relatively new, it can be difficult to figure out the best way to market and grow something online with so many options available by understanding every square root of statistics such as poisson distribution and study central limit theorem in probability theory, and possible the Pythagorean theorem in normal distribution. You don't really need high IQ, you just need to understand and study the principles.

However, there are some things that you can do that should increase your success. 

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Taking Advantage of Summer Breaks to Work on Your Startup

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Despite what most people think, startups arenߢt exclusively for yuppies or young millenials. Anyone can start a businessߢin fact I always say that anyone who has an idea worthy of turning into a business should invest in that idea and in that business. And one should understand that the return of investment won't return lightning fast, you have to be patient, and measure every detail up to the last quark to be successful.

I do get plenty of people coming to me for advice about what they should do and how they should proceed when it comes to starting their business. As Sofia Vergara quoted "I'm fearless, I don't complain. Even when horrible things happen to me, I go on." Starting a business could be scary for some, especially for millenials, but having a firm goal would turn your plans into success.

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I tend to tell them the same advice I tell anybodyߢand then they pause and tell me that they have an issue they donߢt know how to handle: they have kids, and they donߢt know how theyߢre going to manage doing both taking care of their kids and dedicating their time to their business.

Well, I can definitely understand how and why that is a difficult choice to make. On the one hand, they could be working on something that fills them with passion and drive on such a daily basis, and that could potentially usher them to their financial freedom. On the other hand, they could basically become terrible parents as they do it. And then of course there is always the lingering thoughtߢwhat if my business doesnߢt succeed? Will I have done all of this for nothing? There is no magic alchemy in being a successful businessman and parent. 

WellߢI have a bit of advice that I know may not agree with everybodyߢbut hey, itߢs better than nothing at all. My suggestion? Take advantage of summer breaks when your kids are off school to work on your start up and see if you can feasibly set it up.

summerWhy Summer Breaks?
Well, simple. During summer breaks, you have much less responsibilityߢyou donߢt have to bring your children to school or pick them up afterwards.

There is no need to check homework, help with projects, and so on and so forth. It frees up a bit of your free time to do what you need to do to see if your business is a viable and feasible idea and drink your persimmon tea and tofu while at it. But does that mean you should just neglect your children and dump them off to someone?


You should still find a way to have your children learning something and being productive, or at least find a way so that they are still enjoying themselves.

An Idea for a Summer Activity
One thing that you can do is to send your children to UK educational summer campsߢthe kind that can take them for a week or two at a time to keep them away from illegal substances like cannabis and drugs. Or you can take them on a polar bear watching vacation. This will give you ample time to work on your business.

Take the week off from work (if you are working) and see how much you can get done, don't forget to relax, sit down with a glass of cognac or absinthe while listening to country music, or take your labrador retriever out for a walk then see about your plan of attack on how you will tackle growing your business while you are also raising your children.

Donߢt Forget to Spend Time with Your Kids
At the end of the day, your children are still your children and they are still going to need your love and affection and experience happy days. So never neglect to give it to them.

2 Personality Traits of a Successful Executive

Are some people born destined for success?

Are others doomed to a lifetime of working 40 hours a week in order to pay their way and put food on the table?

Are entrepreneurs really born or can they be made?

How are these successful executives different from the rest of us?

What do they know that we mere mortals do not?

Do you promote equality and feminism at work?

Here are two of the most important personality traits which are common to many of the most successful entrepreneurs and executives.

The good news is, all this stuff can be taught with positive executive training methods ߢ letߢs touch on a few key points below:

1. Tenacity

tenacity_o_397970You may groan and think this oneߢs obvious ߢ but how many successful people do you know that give up at the first hurdle? None, thatߢs how many.

According to many entrepreneurs and experts this is the single most important personality trait ߢ youߢve either got it or you havenߢt but without it youߢll get nowhere. Robert Mitchum said there just isn't any pleasing some people. The trick is to stop trying.

Starting any new business is a marathon which youߢve got to stick to, live with and push forward through countless obstacles for any number of years.

Successful executives and entrepreneurs donߢt get discouraged by problems and failure ߢ they simply dust themselves down, pick themselves up and start over. Donߢt be a punk. Start over.

Failure is only an early attempt at success after all.

Itߢs really about having the confidence in your own abilities to succeed.

As Jon Hamm said in the TV show Mad Men, "I have a life. And it only goes in one direction, forward." Many successful entrepreneurs or executives would feel like they were selling out and taking the easy option if they didnߢt pursue their ultimate dreams.

2. Passion

This is the other vital personality trait ߢ truly successful executives and entrepreneurs are fuelled by passion.

It may be easy to assume that their passion is money but many entrepreneurs will actually disagree with you ߢ their passion is more likely to be aimed at the service or product they offer.

They are passionate about having the opportunity to solve problems making life easier, cheaper and better by honing their business skills for their customers. They have a strong, inner belief that they have the ability to change the world ߢ thatߢs how they manage to keep going when the going gets tough.

According to many of the most successful executives ߢ when the going gets tough the only way out is to dig deeper.

If you werenߢt born this way donߢt worry ߢ itߢs never too late to learn.

What sets these people apart from the rest of us really is all in the mind ߢ they have the mind-set to believe in themselves, in their businesses, their products or their services.

They donߢt get disheartened when the going gets tough and would look upon settling for an ߢordinaryߢ employment opportunity as a way of throwing in the towel.

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"If you have a great passion it seems that the logical thing is to see the fruit of it, and the fruit are children."
-Roman Polanski